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Cheerful business people applauding in a meetingOkay, so I’ve attended some amazing conferences recently and it was fantastic to be on the other side of a presenting gig. Being in the audience for a variety of speakers, each with their own style, got me thinking about Audience Engagement at an Elite level. How do the best of the best keep an audience switched on, motivated to act on your message and ‘feeling the love’?

I hope you are ready for the scoop because I’m passing on some trade secrets to you. These are my top four tips for Elite Audience Engagement. Make your presentations sizzle.

4 Tips for Elite Audience Engagement.

1.  ‘I’m feeling the love in the room’

2.  Checking In

3.  Talk Talk

4.  Spontaneity Rocks

1. ‘I’m feeling the love in the room’

Cheesetastic but true. And let’s be clear here, I’m not talking about a TV Evangelist style of presenting.  Engage your audience by making them feel valued and that their feedback benefits everyone. Acknowledge the presence of return participants and their success. Fostering a concensus of positivity helps create an implicit ‘buy-in’ for your product or service. Taki Moore uses a method where in thanking an audience member for feedback he asks the rest of the audience to respond with, ‘Let’s give ‘Jake’ some love…3..2..1’ everyone claps in synch. He forms a positive dynamic quickly by asking everyone to participate with a simple positive action.

2. Checking In

When you present you are taking your audience on a journey and journeys are more fun if you share the experience along the way.  You need acknowledgement from your audience that they are understanding your message and that you can continue with each stage of your presentation. This creates buy-in.  It sounds tricky but it can be as simple as asking ‘We’re good with this?’, ‘We’re okay to go on yes?’ combined with a positive nod.  Clinton Swaine uses some spectacular ‘unconscious language patterns’ when checking in with his audience.

3. Talk Talk

Keeping your audience switched on can be difficult if your entire presentation involves you talking. Having your audience talk in small groups for a few minutes on a particular aspect of what you have said provides a number of benefits: at a basic level it gets the brain working, the blood pumping and movement refreshes the body to continue listening.  Joanna Martin gets you to do activities in small groups to keep the energy and engagement levels up regularly. Perhaps more importantly, however, it allows the audience to ‘retell’ what they have heard, picking out what is important to them and overlaying their own experience and desires.  When they do this, they are ‘filling in the blanks’ for themselves and personalising your message for themselves. A very powerful tool for the Elite Speaker.

4. Spontaneity Rocks

Now this tip ties in nicely with ‘feeling the love in the room’. An audience responds well to the idea that you have tailored your message or have decided to include an on the spot offer just for them. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous in your generosity, think out loud and offer an ad on product or service that can be produced from your presentation; a video recording, transcript, audio or Q&A session at the end.  

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  1. Henk van den Bergen on December 11, 2013 at 1:13 am

    Verity, thanks so much for the great information in your blog on, “What makes an Elite Speaker”. I gave my first 40 min. keynote as a guest speaker for the Emerald Business Group. I adopted your recommendation to incorporate a session in the middle of my talk, where I got the audience to pair up, or form groups of three, to discuss the issue that I would tap into with my next topic. Even at the end, where I would finish with a story on how your positive or negative comments are able to have a great impact. I asked the organiser if we had enough time and asked the audience if they would like to hear the story. It allowed me to check in with them and for them to buy into the story. I also asked them many other question like, “How many of you have children that are still studying?”, and thankfully most of them did and this allowed me to say’ “The information I’m going to share with you next, will be very relevant for you.”. Thanks Verity for you insightful help, that’s taking me from good to better.

    Henk van den Bergen

    • Verity Robins on April 6, 2014 at 9:41 am

      Henk that is so fabulous. I love how passionate you are with your speaking and how well you apply advanced speaking tips and tools. congrats.

      • Ozy on August 16, 2014 at 5:46 pm

        Yo, that’s what’s up trutfhully.

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