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Hi, I’m Grace Lever,

Award-winning 8-Figure Female Entrepreneur, and I help coaches, consultants
and professional services business owners grow their business using the latest
digital tools and smart, automated marketing systems.

I do this by sharing my many years of experience, hard work, and research with
my online community... primarily to the members in my Doers Inner Circle.
Through online training programs and monthly doing kits, Female Entrepreneurs
- just like you, can grow a profitable, lifestyle business without the overwhelm.

Online courses have made it possible to share our expert knowledge - our
“Genius Zones” - with the world. They have transformed the way we do business and are responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue in
my own business... and with the right tools and strategies, they can for you too,
regardless of your industry or location.

I’ve connected with millions of women from around the world, built incredible
relationships and delivered industry-leading training through my online programs... so I can confidently share some valuable insights which you can implement into your business.

Lovely Lady, it’s time to get your online course off the ground by using my triedand-tested course creation tools. Stop leaving money on the table and achieve
the profitable, lifestyle business you deserve.

Happy “doing”!




Once you have your site, plugins and video
host sorted (find out more about these over
the next few pages), it’s time to build out
your landing pages and membership portal.
To pull in potential customers, it’s important
to use landing pages instead of website

Landing pages are still online pages, however
they aren’t connected to your actual home
navigation which reduces distractions and

ClickFunnels is the BEST tool to do this by
far. It’s easy to use (even if you’re not techy),
and quick to set up, plus it starts from just
$97 USD per month. And let me tell you...
the investment is 100% worth it!

In my experience, when using ClickFunnels
landing pages over website pages, you’ll get
a 4-10x higher conversion rate.... Pretty crazy

You can use it to build the membership
itself, as well as create landing pages
to drive prospective leads to your course.

I built heaps of my first online courses on
ClickFunnels, before eventually transitioning
to a WordPress membership portal using

I’d always recommend starting on
ClickFunnels when you’re launching your
first course, so you can get it live as fast as



Let’s get you set up with a domain.

Think of your domain as a little piece of
online real estate that you own.
It’s the name of your www. website.

For us at The Doers Way, our digital real
estate is www.thedoersway.net


Your title is your most vital step, as domain
availability affects your course name,
branding, and positioning.

The top 3 providers we use are:

Crazy Domains, Go Daddy or Hostgator

Got a domain in mind? Use the search
function on these domain sites. If your first
choice is taken, these providers will give you
alternative options.


Next, we want to set you up with a host.

A host is the online cloud where your
website lives. Your host essentially provides
you with a storage room for your website
and all of the goodies you want to include
on it!

Panthur is a provider we highly recommend
if you live in Australia, with plans starting
from just $5 per month.

They are fast and stable with amazing 24/7
support for those late-night, tear-your-hairout moments..

Trust me, I’ve been there darl 😉

If you live outside of Australia, BlueHost are
the go-to-guys for all of your hosting needs!
They’re a secure, reliable hosting company
who also have 24/7 support available -
essential, when you’re selling online courses.



While ClickFunnels is the best software to
start with when you’re building your online
course, if you’re ready to get more techy
with your membership site, I recommend

WordPress is the planet's most popular
website management system with
thousand of visual theme options.

For your online course and membership
platform, we suggest the ‘Woffice
Wordpress theme.

The online course architecture and visual
layout is already built-in, so it’s oh-so easy to
customise! 😉

Woffice is beginner-friendly, but also
offers advanced features as you grow your
community using this all-in-one platform.


Now that you’ve got your basic site ready,
install the LearnDash WordPress plugin to
establish your online course, build modules
and craft your lesson structure.

We use LearnDash to drip feed course
content, send automatic notifications, and
create lesson timers. You can also build
quizzes, certificates, assignments, and more
to make your course more interactive and
tailor it to your brand.

While your WordPress theme will include all
of the basic functions you need, individual
plugins such as LearnDash introduce
new, dynamic ways to deliver content and
interact with your community.

LearnDash is the feature-rich plugin for
engaging membership communities and
has helped us at The Doers Way to take our
courses up to that next level



Great news... I have some simple, easy to
use video editing tools that are either free,
or very inexpensive programs, so this step
in your course creation journey doesn’t
have to break the bank!

My top editing tools are Screenflow,
iMovie, Camtasia, and the good old-
fashioned Windows Movie Maker.

Adobe Premiere Pro is also an amazing
video editing program but isn’t for
beginners as it is technical and takes some
time to learn!


With the power of these softwares,
you can add voice overs, cut away any
mistakes you made, and finesse your
videos like a pro!


Next, it’s time to upload those videos.
Ever been on a website so slow it makes
you want to cry? Think about how long
you usually wait before giving up on slow
pages and moving onto something more
interesting... Not long, right?

We want to avoid this at all costs! Think of
a video hoster as a separate ‘video loading
zone’ so you can avoid uploading videos
directly into your membership portal.

Our top picks for video hosting platforms
are Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia


The Doers Way content is hosted in Vimeo,
set to private, and then the embed code is
used to show each video in the associated
lesson on our course site!



First and foremost lovely, I want to debunk
the myth that you need expensive gear to film
and edit your content...

You 100% don’t.

I recorded my first course on a very, VERY
cheap camera which was propped up on an
ironing board as I read my notes from an old
laptop beside it 😉

I had no special lighting, no tripod, no
teleprompter and no experience using video
editing programs.

Now, I’ve come a long way since that first time
filming but everyone has to start somewhere!
And it’s totally fine to start with the basics

The important thing is that you recognise
that you have valuable experience and
knowledge to share
and everything is workout-
able if you are willing to apply yourself
and learn from my mistakes.

So.. Where to start?? I know that filming
equipment can seem overwhelming when
you are new to it all so I have compilated my
absolute favourites for you which range from
low to high budgets.



While you can be expressive and have
fun creating your worksheets and course
module tile (button) designs, starting out
simple is best. Inject your personality and
brand, without spending too long on your

If you’re new to graphic design, Canva is a
great place to start. You don’t need out-of
this-world design skills to create beautiful,
visually-captivating media.

Create an account, choose your pre-set
template and ‘design’... using its simple, drag
and-drop functionality.

If you do have experience creating visuals,
Adobe InDesign is the best tool to use.
There’s plenty of YouTube tutorials online,
too. Win!

And if the thought of designing your own
worksheets and tiles makes you want to run
and hide, you can always outsource a super
affordable designer on Fiverr to do the
heavy lifting for you!



A critical step when you’re building an
online presence and starting with email
marketing is to get yourself an email

This is the software you use to communicate
to your list of potential clients, and current
who are working through your

When you’re just starting out, or have more
of a tight budget, MailChimp is your best
option. It’s free (with the option of upgrading
to paid plans starting at $10 a month), and
super easy to use.

MailChimp + ClickFunnels is a beautiful
pairing for affordable customer relationship
management (CRM) 😉

Ready to level up? At The Doers Way we
use InfusionSoft (by Keap). This is a much
more advanced email marketing tool with an
e-commerce function included, and ranges
from $97 - $297/mth.

Infusionsoft allows you to automate your
sales and marketing, and capture and
convert leads all in one place.
It’s been
a game-changer for us, and other more
advanced entrepreneurs 🙂


Once we’ve built out a course, it’s time
to get it into the hands of your dream
clients. Before we do that, we’ve got to get
something off of them, right?! The payment!

It’s important that this step in the process is
quick, easy, and safe for both you and your

For a pain free experience, we recommend
Stripe and PayPal as your best options.

They’re affordable, reliable, and trusted
globally, so they’re you’re best bet for sure.




While this delivery style isn’t the best for
heavy or complex teaching, you should be
using this style for ALL of your introductory
. This way your students will stay
connected to and encouraged by you

You can also use Face to Camera for
demonstrations, or mindset, conceptual, or
foundational trainings

  • Set up a scene in the background, about
    2-3 meters away from where you’re
    sitting. This could be a garden, office,
    kitchen etc. Make sure the room is well lit
    and bright!
  • Focus the shot on your face, and leave the
    background out of focus so the shot looks
    crisp and professional.
  • Using the default camera microphone can
    leave the audio tinny and echoey. Use a
    Lapel Microphone to avoid that!

Whiteboards are fantastic for any training
that could do with some visuals
to help you
get the point across.

Simply set up like a Face to Camera, and
bring a whiteboard into frame to draw on as
you explain your concepts.

Avoid filming teaching with lots of detail
with a whiteboard… stick to broader
strategies instead.

  • Avoid reflections on your whiteboard by
    pointing your studio lights at the ceiling.
  • Get the thickest whiteboard markers you
    can find at your local stationary supply
  • Don’t face the whiteboard for too long at
    a time. Either pre-draw anything that will
    take longer, or make sure to turn around
    every few seconds and talk to the camera
    instead of the board.



The Scribble Board is one of my favourite
delivery styles! Although similar to
whiteboards, you’re able to illustrate more
detailed concepts and trainings using this

Simply record the screen of your iPad or
tablet using the inbuilt feature, and use a
stylus (like an Apple Pencil) to draw out your
diagrams, lists, and details.

  • I use an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro for
    my scribbling, but this also works on
    regular iPads too.
  • I draw onto Adobe Sketch, which is
    available to download from the App Store!
  • Struggling to keep it neat using a stylus?
    Sometimes slowing down a notch can
    make a world of difference on our
    handwriting legibility! 😉

The Screen Share delivery method is one of
the simplest, but most powerful styles for
anyone with tech-related training
in their

These shots are fairly self explanatory -
simply record what you’re doing on your
screen, voicing over any step-by-step
instructions they’ll need!
There are loads of
simple, easy to use softwares that allow you
to master this method seamlessly.

  • Loom is a free plug in that allows you to
    record your screen and audio SUPER
    easily! Simply create an account,
    download it, and start recording.
  • ScreenFlow is a more advanced option
    that I highly recommend. It’s as easy
    to use, and also allows you to edit your
    videos inside too. ScreenFlow is for Mac
    users only, and starts at $129 USD.



Slide Packs are an incredibly powerful delivery method that allow your students to engage in your
content, so it sticks in their brain!
They help your students organise their notes, understand your main points, and really learn what
it is you’re trying to teach them.
You can film a Slide Pack video by creating a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote (on
Mac), recording your screen using the Screen Share method, and simply talking through your
teaching points.

  • Keep your slide pack simple. Avoid complex, animated slideshows… nothing needs to spin in
    from the corner whenever you change a slide 😉
  • Have a heading and bullet points on each slide so they can consume the content easily.
  • Animate your bullet points to arrive one by one to avoid information overload.




You are in possession of a tool that can get you massive results when
implemented correctly.
But, unless you understand the real power of each of these steps and
how to implement them to the best of their ability, it’ll only remain an
under-utilised tool that sits in your inbox.
It is like having the keys to a gorgeous car but not knowing how to
drive it.
So, if you’d like to use these steps to their full potential, I’ll show you
how, in my brand new online course, “The Course Creation Project”.
It’s sold on my website for $1,997 USD but for a very limited time,
you can access it for FREE when you join me inside The Doers Inner
This has the potential to transform your business, and your life, as
you stop trading time for money, regain more time and uncap your

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