Empower your workers, increase team communications and reduce workplace errors due to poor communication confidence.  Speaking with eloquence is a vital skill.  Clear and succinct communications with customers, peers and employees greatly impact your company’s profile and bottom line.  Speaking confidence is a crucial skill in today’s competitive workplace market.

Corporate Speaking Workshops

as corp speak workshopDon’t settle for an under-performing team, or leave your staff to present to customers and peers without the skills to excel.  All levels of personnel benefit with this powerful communication workshop.  Conducted over 6 sessions with a 2.5 hour session every week.  Expect to see your team improve in obvious leaps by week 2.  Increased confidence, competence and clear workplace interactions are some of the changes to expect.  Click here for more information.


 1 Day Influential Communicator Workshop

Successful business group

Staff with excellent communication skills can facilitate great change, generate rapport amongst staff/customers, understand and empathise quickly, and know how to get the most from themselves, their colleagues and clients.  Excellent communication skills alter the dynamics of an office environment, leading to a more profitable, well-respected organisation.  Tell me more..


2 Day Influence And Lead Workshop

Child pretending to be a superheroYou’re going to look shiny, sexy and sleek when you present, communicate and lead teams of all sizes.  Drawing customers to you with your advanced, dynamic communication skills.  Skills only the top 3% of Corporate Executives possess.  Sadly we do have some requirements for who can join this group, however, if the sound of it revs your engine then get more details here!




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