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Sales Success > by a staggering 25%

“Being the sales director of a multi-national company and in the logistics industry for 15 years, I’ve attended more courses than I care to remember, and Verity’s tailored one on one training ranks at the very top in delivering results.

After 5 sessions with Verity I walked away with immediate and practical solutions that I could apply in my own business and personal life.

I saw my personal sales success grow by a staggering 25%.

Verity you have inspired me to push beyond my doubts and discover possibilities I never knew existed. You ability to share your tips and skills allowed me to communicate in a way that allows me to engage and connect with my audience in ways I had not thought possible.

Really amazing results with surprisingly little effort – Thanks Verity.

Daniel Kendall

General Manager – Sales and Marketing

Kuehne& Nagel Pty. Ltd


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Thanks for all your help, the day was a great success and everyone presented brilliantly. I saw many of your tips in action


Dave Hunt

Chief Marketing Officer

TAL Direct


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talHi Verity,

It went brilliantly!

Everyone stepped up and did their best, a very meaningful team effort.

Thanks for your excellent coaching and support, it certainly made the difference.

I was pretty satisfied with my bit – and that isn’t easy for me to say as I’ll be my harshest critic – however as you know, no one knows what doesn’t happen they only experience what’s before them.

Thanks again Verity for your contribution, I personally benefited enormously and valued it greatly.

Frank Dyer

Head of Corporate Development

TAL Direct


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Fantastic Results

‘The results have been fantastic.

Walking around our company, you can tell the people who have been on Verity’s speaking course’

Mark Skerritt

General Manager, Human Resources

NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd


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Your findings will need to be presented in today’s meeting………

And with that sentence, on came the nausea, sweaty palms and nervous stuttering. Not anymore!

Thanks to Verity’s guidance, tools and tips, I have learnt how to turn that nervousness into excitement when asked to present at meetings.

Tips like pausing regularly, using vocal variety, making effective eye contact, mimicking movements and even my positioning when at a whiteboard.

These tips combined with Verity’s support have helped me overcome my fear of speaking & presenting at meetings, I now don’t dread that sentence !

Marina Oplopiadis

Production Planning Analyst



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AIG_rebrand_logo_tcm920-447450Booked Out Within 8 Minutes

Verity’s Corporate Speaking Workshop is an enormously popular course within our organisation. The second program we ran was booked out within eight minutes, which is a record for our Learning and Development Department.

Emma Richards

Learning and Organisational Development Administrator

AIG Melbourne


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AIG_rebrand_logo_tcm920-447450“In today’s ever demanding business world, to be successful and stand out from the crowd you need to have as many skills at your disposal as possible. I now have a new and very powerful tool at my disposal, public speaking.

This course will not only help you to develop your self confidence, but also refocus your communication and interpersonal skills, which in my opinion, are priceless in today’s business world.

A must do for anyone in business 10 out of 10.

David Brennan,

AIG participant.