Speaking Confidence -

1 Day Corporate Intensive

The Big Picture...

Many staff feel they lack the confidence to present. This lack of confidence effects all levels of business and can have a long term negative effect on careers and your companies bottom line.
The 1 Day Speaking Confidence Corporate Intensive has positively changed the lives of hundreds of employees. Speaking competence reduces nerves and anxiety and greatly increases workplace confidence… so we skill you in the competence of presenting. With a handful of key, simple to implement skills we can vastly change how you present, how you view yourself and how confident you feel to replicate that over and over.


This intensive is for staff who wish to feel more confident, comfortable and self assured when presenting to peers/clients. It is of great value to new hires and first time managers/team-leaders.
Staff with confidence issues and staff who are not clearly communicating their work progress, findings and results due to fear, feeling unworthy, shyness and/or lack of experience with presenting are ideal participants.
Over the past couple of decades, the main reason all level of staff have given for wanting to undertake a speaking course… is to improve their confidence.


  • Learn how to control your nerves and energy before and during your presentation so you appear (and feel) relaxed, authentic and in control.
  • Discover how to maintain eye contact with your audience and be ok with being the centre of attention.
  • Learn body language skills such as posture, gestures and using the space that enhance your message, hide nerves, build confidence and show competence.
  • Implement speech structure formats to prepare, plan and adapt your speech when things go wrong (no need to fret for days prior to your presentation!).
  • Learn how to connect and engage your audience so you your ideas are heard and understood.
  • Make your point with succinct, charged stories - minus the waffle.
  • Learn to use your voice in a captivating and engaging way.


  • This is a hands on intensive designed to give you ample opportunity to implement the skills covered throughout the day.
  • We teach a technique, you incorporate it into your presentation, and then demonstrate its application while delivering your presentation.
  • You deliver a mini presentation on a topic of your choice - work, hobby, fluffy pet etc… and build on it throughout the day.
  • Every time you speak you receive specific, dynamic feedback on all aspects of your presenting delivery, structure and content.
  • There will be demonstrations, group work, writing/crafting time and lots of speaking.
  • Your trainer will focus on your positive skills and with warmth, competence and expertise ensure you are stretched and challenged.
  • All participants fill out a questionnaire prior to the intensive, outlining speaking abilities and the areas they wish to address.

Having run this course for decades we know how to nurture and encourage, whilst getting significant and outstanding results from you, in the space a day.

What Results...

It may come as no surprise that you receive the greatest benefits and results through private coaching - such as Executive Speaking or Corporate Accelerator. For group training, the 6 week x 2.5 hour Corporate Speaking Workshop has consistently delivered results far surpassing those achieved in a 1 day course for decades. Many companies wish for 1 day courses, however, as they fit well with staff work commitments.

So… we have worked hard to emulate the 6 week Corporate Speaking Workshop in a variety of 1 day packages by increasing the presenting time, so you can elicit the greatest return on your investment, for a 1 day training.

By the end of the 1 day - Speaking Confidence Intensive, the transformation in participants is obvious and often stark. You will be amazed at the journey and development that we can help you achieve in a single day. This impacts not just the participants but their whole team and wider company.