Influential Communicator
Pivotal Conversations 1 Day Intensive

The Big Picture...

Being a good speaker generally isn’t enough if you need to influence your clients, staff and peers. You need to have mastered the ability to connect, engage and inspire your audience to act - thus influence. The secrets to quickly connect with your audience, have them like you, engage them completely and inspire them to take action are not hard skills to learn… yet when mastered will make a profound difference to the impact you have.

The Influential Presenter - Engaging & Connecting 1 Day Intensive allows good speakers to super charge their skills, work their audience and influence outcomes.


Executives, CEO’s, managers, team-leaders and sales staff, customer service managers and staff who deliver presentations that require their audience to take action.


  • Learn the 5 tips to build instant rapport.
  • Learn how to read your audience so you can ensure engagement is optimal.
  • Discover the technique to eliminate waffle.
  • Understand the connection between humour and connection/engagement.
  • Learn the art of storytelling and its value in the corporate workspace.
  • Learn how to emotionally position and repostition your audience.
  • Control your emotional state both before and during your presentation.


  • This is a hands on intensive with ample opportunity to implement the skills throughout the day.
  • We teach a technique, you incorporate it into a mini presentation, and then demonstrate its application.
  • Every time you speak you receive specific, dynamic feedback on all aspects of your presenting delivery, structure and content.
  • There will be demonstrations, group work, writing/crafting time and lots of speaking.
  • Your trainer will stretch and challenge you to reach your peak competence.

What Results...

It is not uncommon for participants to find this day and its implications quite mind-blowing.

You can expect to have a strong grasp on what makes your audience tick and how to connect, engage and affect them. With the ability to affect your audience, you have the skills to influence.

Powerful tools in the workplace.