Executive Speaking
One-On-One Presentation Coaching

The Big Picture...

High-end one-on-one speech coaching tailored for executives to accelerate and accentuate strong presentation skills.
We come to you, or if you prefer to leave the office, you can attend our Kew East location.


Executive Management… C-suite executives and key managers. You work individually with your own personal coach.


  • Learn how to instantly connect with your audience, clients and staff.
  • Discover the techniques to engage your audience, inspire them and put them at ease (and yourself).
  • Learn simple strategies to feel confident, competent and professional when you present.
  • Learn the skills that will have your clients and staff wanting whatever it is you are suggesting, both when presenting to an audience and communicating face to face.
  • Understand how to control your nerves and energy both before you present and during your presentation so you appear relaxed, authentic and in control.
  • Learn the keys to speaking off the cuff with style and poise.
  • Learn the body language skills that elicit the greatest understanding and buy-in from your audience and the body language skills to avoid.
  • Learn to use your voice in a captivating and engaging way.
  • Understand how to read your audience so you can inspire them to action.
  • Learn the skills of unconscious audience control so you can be sure you have delivered your message with the most power, impact and understanding possible.
  • Implement our speech structure formats to help with preparing, planning and adapting your speech on the fly.
  • Learn to make your point with succinct, charged stories - minus the waffle.


  • With guided exercises you will be up and speaking a lot. Whether you choose the 1 hour, or 1.5 hour session format you will be presenting for the bulk of the sessions.
  • You don’t need a prepared speech, or any speech at all. However, if you have a speech you wish to work on, we will use it as key training material. This is your opportunity to practice important presentations and skills PRIOR to speaking to your clients, staff or audience.
  • Your coach will begin by assessing your skills.
  • Your coach will step you through new techniques, how to practice them and layer skills at a pace that enhances your strengths.
  • You will practice and implement techniques both within the session and organically throughout the week.
  • Every time you speak you will receive immediate, specific, dynamic feedback on all aspects of your presenting delivery, structure and content.
  • Your coach will focus on your positive skills and with warmth, competence and expertise ensure you are stretched and challenged.

Our coaches are experts in the fields of both speaking and coaching and have won multiple awards for both.  They will ensure you get spectacular results.

What Results...

You can expect immediate and lasting results.
You will see a marked improvement within a couple of sessions, how you hold yourself, your confidence, how your audience responds and how you plan, structure and deliver your presentations.
This is accelerated learning.
Expect obvious, positive speaking skills… the vehicle to be heard and respected for your thoughts and contribution within your work place. Skills that will see your message delivered with clarity, confidence and connection.