Corporate Speaking Workshop
- 6 X 2.5hr sessions

The Big Picture...

The Corporate Speaking Workshop is our most successful and most frequently booked workshop.
It’s a complete package that will take you from good presenter to GREAT presenter. Whatever level of staff and whether delivering small meeting presentations or company wide keynote addresses, this workshop over the course of 6 weeks covers the essential skills of speaking success… it allows you to shine, whatever your level of competence. The skills you learn and implement will ensure you have dramatic and long lasting results.


The Corporate Speaking Workshop caters for all levels of ability and speaking experience and will challenge you whether a beginner or advanced speaker. New hire or executive manager… this workshop delivers on structure, technique and implementation ensuring that whatever your role and how frequently you speak, you will be prepared and skilled to do it with class.


  • Control your nerves and master self belief
  • Learn speech structure, for prepared presentations and speaking off the cuff.
  • Master gestures, eye contact, posture and using the space, to connect and engage your audience.
  • Learn how to emotionally position and repostition your audience.
  • Learn the 5 tips to build instant rapport, help your audience want what you have.
  • Learn how to read your audience so you can ensure engagement is optimal.
  • Discover the technique to eliminate waffle.
  • Learn the art of storytelling and its value in the corporate workspace.
  • Learn to use your voice in a captivating and engaging way.
  • Learn to use office tools, meeting rooms and stage space to your advantage.


  • 6 x 2.5 hour sessions, usually spread over 6 weeks.
  • You will deliver a prepared speech at every session and speak off the cuff.
  • Each time you deliver you will receive specific, dynamic feedback on all aspects of your delivery, structure and content.
  • Your trainer will skill you in a new technique and the following session you will incorporate that technique into your presentation and receive feedback.
  • There will be demonstrations, group work, workplace observations and lots of speaking.
  • Your trainer will focus on your positive skills and with warmth, competence and expertise ensure you are stretched and challenged.
  • All participants fill out a questionnaire prior to the workshop, outlining speaking abilities and the areas they wish to address.

Having run this course for decades we know how to nurture and encourage, whilst getting, from you, significant and outstanding results.

What Results...

This workshop is outstanding for clear, immediate and lasting results from all participants. Next to private speech coaching, the Corporate Speaking Workshop delivers the most significant obvious results.

Transformation in participants is often stark. Over the duration of 6 weeks your speaking competence, confidence and attitude toward speaking will change, develop and positively effect how you work. This impacts not just the participants but their peers, staff, clients and wider company.