Argent Star’s ‘A strong clear voice’ is one of three audio tools specifically designed to help corporate workers achieve communication excellence.

‘A strong clear voice’ will help you identify, build and develop your voice.  It is full of tools to make sure your voice will be heard, with good pace, volume and variety – no monotone!  With easy and practical exercises you will quickly notice the difference in your voice, presentations and workplace success.

In ‘A strong clear voice’ Verity Robins interviews and works with voice specialist Jean Branagan to cover all aspects of your voice and how to have it sounding clear, strong, vital and youthful for all business presentations.

Jean Branagan has had over 40 years professional experience voice coaching.  Jean studied at the esteemed Trinity Guild Hall of London and has worked with actors, corporate speakers and those seeking personal development.  She is based in Melbourne and runs a private practice working one on one with clients to have their voices sound clear, strong, bright and youthful.

Jean’s expertise and wisdom, as well as her generosity and beauty, shine through in this CD as she delivers practical exercises, wonderful examples and easy tips for you to implement straight away.

Verity and Jean discuss the topics of nerves, breath control, voice warm up, monotone, pace, pitch, pause, inflection, volume, variety and care of voice.

Together they deliver examples, anecdotes and exercises to develop and strengthen your voice.  Having you sound confident, composed and relaxed in the workplace.

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