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Book – Public Speaking is SEXY!!

A dynamic book to help you immediately kiss goodbye the 10 major speaking mistakes and take your speaking from fizzle to sizzle!!

Would you like to feel relaxed, confident and competent when you speak?

If you’re thinking ‘yes please’, well you are not alone.

When someone speaks with confidence, competence and connects with their audience – it’s attractive, it’s sexy.  This book will show you, step-by-step, how to be an attractive, confident presenter and get the recognition, respect, promotions and bigger bucks!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why giving in to fear is killing your career.
  • What the sexiest word in speaking is and how to use it!

  • How to blow off the 10 major mistakes corporate and business speakers make.
  • Simple, effective tips to make a massive, immediate difference.
  • How to stop going blank, uming, feeling like a fool… and much more!

AUD – $24.95



prod_thumb_2A Strong Clear Voice (MP3 approx 45mins)

Argent Star’s ‘A strong clear voice’ is specifically designed to help corporate workers achieve communication excellence. … more details

AUD $22.95

Free: Corporate Speaking tip sheet – 1

The tips this first sheet will cover are:

  • The most important tip of all
  • Two tips to control nerves, increase confidence and accelerate your… more details

AUD $0.00

Free: Corporate Speaking Tip Sheet – 2

Tip sheet two will cover:

  • Basic Speech Structure

You can have ‘the corporate edge’ for… more details

AUD $0.00