2013 Australian Speech Coaching Champion (D73)

2007/2008 International runner up – International Speech Competition.

2007 Australian Champion of Public Speaking and previously

2004 Australian Champion of Public Speaking

Verity knows the tools of the trade. With so many people preferring death to public speaking… she is in high demand!


Verity is a qualified coach and has prestigious NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ‘trainer’ qualifications; however, her primary focus is on executive speech coaching, working one on one with corporate executives and managers.

Verity is a “corporate speaking expert”, consistently achieving outstanding results with her corporate clients.  Clients that were too nervous to speak are finding empowerment and confidence – chairing meetings, voicing opinions and delivering prepared speeches. Seasoned speakers are winning clients, increasing team engagement and boosting their bottom line.  The more advanced speakers are challenged and trained in new speaking tools, such as – stage anchoring, embedded language, state change and looping.

Verity’s decades of experience allow her to clearly and comfortably share her skills with her clients, leaving them feeling in control, confident and at ease.

As an executive coach, Verity delights in her clients’ success.  Helping corporate individuals achieve outstanding goals, realise business targets and surpass their colleague’s expectations.

Verity is fascinated by how people communicate and ‘why they do what they do’.  She is a qualified practitioner, master practitioner and trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Verity studied and trained in England and Wales and has delivered NLP training courses to hundreds of corporate and private clients in Australia.

Verity is Argent Star’s lead Executive Speech Coach and lead trainer for Argent Star Corporate NLP workshops, and Corporate Speaking Workshops.  Verity works intensely with a select few in the ‘Elite Communicator’ program visiting exotic locations and coaching them to speak up a storm to the tune of millions of dollars.

Sales Success increases by a staggering 25%

“Being the sales director of a multi-national company and in the logistics industry for 15 years, I’ve attended more courses than I care to remember, and Verity’s tailored one on one training ranks at the very top in delivering results.

After 5 sessions with Verity I walked away with immediate and practical solutions that I could apply in my own business and personal life.

I saw my personal sales success grow by a staggering 25%.

Verity you have inspired me to push beyond my doubts and discover possibilities I never knew existed. You ability to share your tips and skills allowed me to communicate in a way that allows me to engage and connect with my audience in ways I had not thought possible.

Really amazing results with surprisingly little effort – Thanks Verity.

Daniel Kendall

General Manager – Sales and Marketing

Kuehne& Nagel Pty. Ltd

‘I never would have thought I’d be good at public speaking!  I’m now not only good, I’m relaxed when asked to speak at meetings and present for clients – unbelievable.  Your techniques were so effective and your training style made it easy to learn. What a difference for my career.  Thank you.’

Julie Proctor

Executive Telstra

‘I am more comfortable within myself, positive and clear about what I have to offer to others and myself. Verity you (through executive coaching) helped me to change my life for the better.  I feel as though I can do anything.’


Contracts Advisor (Lawyer)