Everyday businesses rely on effective communication to gain and retain customers.  The credibility of their business relies on the impression that they make.

Maria Pantalone works with businesses on the three essential elements of a presentation – structure, content and delivery – enabling them to professionally present their products and/or services with maximum impact.

Maria has worked with a range of people – from those who have a fear of standing in front of groups to experienced presenters who want to polish their presentation style.  She provides a supportive learning environment which encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zone and become more confident speakers and presenters.


‘I have recently completed a Cert IV Training and Assessment and delivered some training as part of my role as business analyst for a medical indemnity insurer. As I was changing jobs I approached Maria to assist with some aspects of my training style that I was not comfortable with. We scoped out a program that fit my needs and budget and I found Maria’s input at all points to be professional and well targeted to my stage of development as a presenter. She helped me to raise my skill level in a couple of important areas. She coached me in body language and pointed out the unnecessary and distracting habits that I (and everyone) has. As a result of the sessions I could see my confidence and skill level increasing. I was really pleased with my investment in working with her and would recommend her to any potential individual or corporate client.’

S. McCormack, Energy Works

‘Maria’s input was invaluable in assisting me to prepare for a presentation that I gave at an AHRI conference in Queensland in late 2007. I found that the feedback provided helped me to tailor my presentation to my audience of senior HR executives and effectively deal with unexpected situations (of which there were many). Thank you Maria.’

R. Montagu, Leadership Source

‘Maria’s feedback on my presentation style and more recently in preparing for an interview have been of great value to me. I found the one-on-one sessions with her to be very constructive. Her ability to help me choose appropriate words and to think about who my target audience is has been invaluable in my preparation for both presenting in front of groups and in answering potential interview questions.’

G. Tanda, Solicitor

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is an important skill from both a personal and business perspective. Maria’s valuable expertise and insight has helped develop and improve my own presentation and communication skills. Maria’s patient and thoughtful approach provides an environment where you can feel comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone to undergo the necessary learning to grow and develop this valuable asset.’

D. Noonan, IT Professional