Kevin Kosky

Kevin is primarily based in Melbourne, Australia, where he grew up. Kevin has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has been keenly involved with speaking and training for the past decade. He’s run several successful businesses and holds his certificate IV in business.

Once Kevin uncovered his passion for speaking and training he’s never looked back, and now combines the two.

In 2007 Kevin won the Australian humorous speaking competition for District 73 Toastmasters. In 2008 Kevin finished third in the District 73 International speaking final and has won numerous speaking awards along his journey. He has trained in NLP and is a member of the National Speakers Association Australia.

Kevin has such a palpable love for training and helping others conquer their goals and overcome their fears. He’s been a close colleague and associate of mine for many years and has worked as key trainer for Argent Star – Speaking Brilliance since 2010.

Kevin offers Argent Star an abundance of energy, fun, experience, music and skill, he connects and engages his audience with effortless grace and achieves outstanding results. We are so lucky to have Kevin as a key presence with our coaching, training, and seminars.