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Verity Robins is a gifted and acclaimed keynote speaker.  An ‘Australian Champion of Public Speaking’ she has spoken to audiences around the world.  She has competed at International levels and is one of Australia’s leading experts on public speaking.

In 2013 Verity won the title of Australian Speech Coaching Champion (d73) she is also a brilliant speaker.  In August 2007 Verity was runner up at the International final for the 2007/2008 International Speech Competition held in Phoenix Arizona, America.  In May 2007 Verity won the title of Australian Champion of Public Speaking in Fremantle, Western Australia.  She was also the 2004 Australian champion of public speaking.

Dynamic, engaging and captivating, Verity tailors every speech to her specific audience, taking them on a powerful journey.  Passionate and fiery, funny and natural, Verity will draw you in, make you laugh and empower you with knowledge, skill and the desire to act.


Verity has been professionally speaking for 15 years.  She shares her insights and expertise through keynote presentations and individual private speaking sessions with multinational companies, CEOs and colleagues.  Her background is as a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a qualification shared by few in Australia.  She is also a successful coach, has sat on a corporate coaching panel and is a coach assessor.

Verity’s prior business ‘Preferred Futures – Coaching, Training and Public Speaking’ met a general market need for speaking and communication skills.  The development of Argent Star is to empower and arm corporate Australia with one of the most valuable skills they can have – the ability to communicate with eloquence, strength and clarity.  Verity draws on her years of experience in business, speaking and training to present her audiences with up to date essential skills and tools.

Verity was destined to be a keynote speaker – it is who she is.  Her natural ability shines through and puts her clients and audience at ease, enabling them to reach their highest potential.


Speaking Topics:

The Corporate Edge Speak clearly, powerfully, naturally.  You need to stand out in our tough market to win, get ahead, get the promotion, secure the job.  Arm yourself with the tools that will make the difference.
3 BIG mistakes Corporate Speakers make Time and again the clients I work with display these three big mistakes.  When addressed it can make the difference of securing the work, winning the client and making the sale.  Powerful must-have skills.
Believe in Your Path The power of beliefs and how to eliminate limiting beliefs.
Where Am I Going? Empowering NLP formula for outcomes and goal setting.  Set inspiring goals during the presentation.

‘Thank you so much for your presentation at our Businesswomen’s Breakfast at the Grand Hyatt this morning.  Feedback has been extremely positive, you not only provided information that appealed to all criteria but you delivered this with passion, expertise and humour and provided valuable information that guests could immediately apply to their lives and those of their staff and family.  It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you – you are both organised and committed to the project.  Professional, friendly and a delight to work with – thank you.’ Kim McGuinness  Managing Director Centrum Events

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