We have 3 cutting-edge courses designed for you as a driven corporate individual.  Whether funded by work or out of your own pocket these courses will sky-rocket your skills, setting you apart in the workplace.  Eradicate embarrassing, annoying habits, don’t be affected by nerves or awkward, mediocre presentations again –  and wow your clients, peers and staff.


 5 Week Executive Accelerator

Business conference

What missing skills are hurting your career…your respect, recognition, client conversions…your pay packet?  This dynamic 5 Week Executive Accelerator will address your problems and fears when presenting and communicating and blow your mind with your progress.  It will be drastic.  Private speech coaching sessions will take your skills to new heights… be prepared to transform in 5 short weeks with minimal time outlay.


12 Month Elite Communicator

Red car

You’re going to look shiny, sexy and sleek when you present, communicate and lead teams of all sizes.  Drawing customers to you with your advanced, dynamic communication skills.  Skills only the top 3% of Corporate Executives possess.  Sadly we do have some requirements for who can join this group, however, if the sound of it revs your engine then get more details here! Coming soon.



Executive Emergency!

emergency alarm

Run out of time to prepare?  Every speech is important but maybe this one is going to cost you too much if you don’t get it right.  It’s not too late!  Let us give you immediate, specific, dynamic feedback that will make a massive difference to how you are received.  We’ve had clients sign million dollar contracts from one great presentation.  Don’t let yourself down by being just ‘OK’.  We want you to wow and NOW.   Your success is our priority.






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