as 1-1 speech coaching

Executive speech coaching is an accelerated way to acquire exceptional public speaking skills.  You are your most powerful marketing tool.  Every moment you speak, negotiate, put forward proposals, chair meetings and present to clients and staff you are selling your strengths, abilities and ideas, the success of your company.

How well are you selling you?  What gaps do you have in your presentation and communication skills that are costing you customers, money and team cohesion?

5 Week Executive Accelerator is exclusive, individual, confidential and dynamic speech coaching.  You receive:

  • 5 X 1.5 hour private speech coaching sessions with our speaking expert.
  • Email access and coaching for the duration of the program.
  • Access to our video blogs

We will accentuate your strengths, and stretch and challenge you professionally to not only be at the top of your field but also communicate it with power, charisma and elegance.  Whether presenting to staff in the boardroom, business proposals, team meetings or a keynote address at a sponsored event we have the skills and equipment to see you shine.

We address confidence, preparation, body language, vocal variety, content, structure, speech writing, stage anchoring, and a variety of advanced skills all unique to your needs.  We also provide timing equipment, paperwork and if needed, video capture of your training from which to learn and study.  Learning the skills is an important facet of becoming a powerful speaker, guided practice and implementation is also crucial.

The transformation you will make with 5 private speaking sessions is huge.

Speaking Brilliance is the destination.  Two of our executive speech coaches are Australian Champions of Public Speaking one is the 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking!  Verity Robins, our lead trainer, offers private and confidential speech sessions for Chief Executive Officers.

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“Having a couple of big presentations to make I  decided to get some speech coaching.  Verity was recommended to me by an acquaintance.

After half a dozen lessons I sailed through the presentations with every confidence.  I went from a nervous, dithering presenter to a confident performer who enjoyed the experience.  I was told on the night I was very engaging and my presentation was the best of the three given.

Thanks Verity, you are a legend and I’d recommend you to anyone. 

Martin O’Connor,

Managing Director, Coordimax”

“Even though I am a very successful businessman, I have always felt held back by a weak, unreliable voice.  This caused me to avoid many meetings and functions, much to my detriment.

After just four meetings with Verity I feel empowered in a way I did not realise was possible.  I now have a voice that works on all occassions and under all circumstances, at a volume I chose to use.

Verity also introduced presentation techniques that lifted my confidence further.  Better still is the fact that this all works in everyday life, not just in business. 


QLD Businessman”

‘This email might seem out of the blue. It is just a note to thank you for the difference you made 18 months ago. The benefits are still with me loud and clear.

Where credit is due I have a need to say so. What I particularly like is that I can now count my money using a better voice! ’


QLD Businessman

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