Successful business groupIn a corporate environment, good communication skills are expected.

Staff with excellent communication skills can facilitate great change, generate rapport amongst staff, understand and empathise quickly and know how to get the most from themselves, their colleagues and clients.

Excellent communication skills alter the dynamics of an office environment, leading to a more profitable, well-respected organisation.


– How to communicate effectively, powerfully with greater confidence, elegance and success.

– How your language is affecting your staff, colleagues and work

– What your preferred method of learning is – visual, auditory or kinesthetic

– Why some employees are more productive than others, and how to have all your staff being productive

– Why some staff respond better to incentives and others threats!

– How to quickly engage and positively influence every time you interact with another

On this 1 day Influential Communicator Workshop each participant will clearly understand and develop their communicating style.  Each course is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

The tools are practical, clearly outlined and highly useful in the workplace – results are immediate.

Time is given to the implementation and practice of new skills; by the end of the day participants will have the knowledge and be utilising their enhanced communication skills.

Contact us now to discuss your company’s communication needs and to receive a personal quote and course outline tailored to suit your staff.  Call the Argent Star office on 0410 588 154 during business hours or e-mail us at

We currently conduct 1 day Influential Communicator Workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.  For Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra please contact our office to discuss options.